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Thursday, 19 February 2009

Chapter 5

You raise your head upwards. Drool hangs from your mouth.

"Fuck you."

The face in front of you smiles. It is shrinking away. It is shrinking and smiling.

It disappears.

You are left in the dark again. You feel exhausted; your whole body aches. It suddenly occurs to you how cold and afraid you are. You are trapped inside a small pod and you are in pain and disoriented.

You wait for an hour in the dark, crying.

Thoughts pass throught your brain in a disorganised mass. A mesh of emotion and reason is clogging up your mind. And then...

You hear a noise that sounds like the rumbling of an electric storm and a word appears, in 30 foot high red letters in front of you. The word is:


You hear a click. The front of the pod falls away and you crumple out on to the floor. The water drains away into small perforations which you feel beneath you.

You can hear your heart beating. The word burns in front of you.

You see a door.

Do you:

(a) Cry for help
(b) Crawl toward the door
(c) Smash your leg downwards to destroy the snake
(d) Try and talk to the snake on your leg
(e) Masturbate

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Chapter 4

"What the fuck is going on"

These words leave your lips before you have time to think of the agression you charge them with, or the consequences they might have.

The face in front of you increases in size and emits a resonating low note, which makes you feel sick.

You are sick into the liquid in your pod.

The noise continues and you continue to be sick.

The noise is louder.

You are struggling to breathe as you retch and gag.

The noise stops suddenly.

"Are you sorry for being rude?"

You say:

(a) Yes
(b) No
(c) Fuck you

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Chapter 3

You think to yourself for a second about the button.

You have decided to press it. You reach decisively toward the button and pause just short of it. The hissing noise from the snake around your leg has increased in intensity.

You push the button.

You scream. The snake has bitten into your leg. It really hurts. You hear a noise and...

You are pulled, violently from your resting position. The snake around your leg is pulling you.

You scrape and bounce across the floor. Suddenly a space opens in front of you. Your eyes hurt because of the intense light that has started pouring into the room.

After another tug from the snake you find yourself sliding down a bright tube. You slide for maybe a minute, maybe longer downwards until you smash into cold fluid.

You are in some sort of pod, floating in the fluid. You are in pain.

Through sobbing eyes you see floating in front of you the stern face of man, projected onto a screen.

"You know why you are here don't you?"


(a) Reply "No"
(b) Reply "What the fuck is going on?"
(c) Kick and scream and pound and rage against the pod you find yourself in
(d) Desperately try to remove the snake from your leg

Monday, 9 February 2009

Chapter 2

You move your hand gingerly down your leg, noticing a slight pain in your wrist as you do so. You reach the odd metallic thing around your leg.

The metal is cold and feels very strong. As you feel the metal around your leg, you start to gently panic. You find that you do not like having metal surrounding your leg.

A memory suddenly enters your thoughts, perhaps of childhood or from some other life. You remember having your leg stuck in sinking mud. You were in a field screaming for half an hour before anyone found you.

The metal is a chain, shaped like a snake.

You hear the metal hissing. Could it be alive? It is so dark that you cannot see anything. More water is dripping.

Do you...

(a) Shout and scream in order to raise the alarm
(b) Try and get the metal snake off your leg
(c) Press the button by your hand
(d) Try and remember who you are

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Chapter 1

You wake up in a strange place. Everything is completly dark. You feel cold and can hear the dripping of water. You feel something odd and metallic surrounding your leg. Your hand seems to be leant against some kind of button. You cannot remember who you are.

What should you do?

a) Press the button.
b) Investigate the odd metallic thing around your leg.
c) Try and stand up and feel your surroundings.
d) Masturbate.