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Sunday, 8 February 2009

Chapter 1

You wake up in a strange place. Everything is completly dark. You feel cold and can hear the dripping of water. You feel something odd and metallic surrounding your leg. Your hand seems to be leant against some kind of button. You cannot remember who you are.

What should you do?

a) Press the button.
b) Investigate the odd metallic thing around your leg.
c) Try and stand up and feel your surroundings.
d) Masturbate.


  1. (b)

    I'm not ready to witness you (d) yet

  2. c. but only because i'd be too scared to masturbate.

  3. Thanks for your votes so far. Tim, please remember, this is your story. It is not me who would (d) it is you.

  4. b

    "what is that odd metallic thing around my leg? is it armour? do i have a metal leg or something? i feel scared and don't know who i am"

  5. well it isn't (a) because i might electrocute myself with that dripping.
    it isn't (d) because i don't think i would masturbate if i didn't remember who i am to be honest
    it is a tough call between (b) and (c) (does that make me middle of the road?) but i think i would go for (b) because i would like to get to know myself, at least a bit, before seeing what's around me. plus it's dark, and i have watched too much 'i'm a celebrity' to willfully go touchyfeeling around a dark, strange place.

  6. b

    i am uncertain why i have my leg inside a aersosol can

  7. c) I am a brave little soldier and must try to push on.

    Although if I didn't know who I was, and had no mirror to look at, I would maybe check to see what sex I was. This would involve exploring my genitalia, which would probably lead to masturbation. hmmmm.

    No, I'm sticking with c)

  8. a

    i don't like how there are four choices. it was hard for me to decide. you should have just done a choose your own adventure with one choice, to minimise reader panic.

    i laughed at the river rapids picture.

  9. b

    C is for horror films. There might be something hairy. This is also true of d. A is a no-no because, for all I know, the button might be red...

  10. Wow - Thanks for the great response. Ok results for chapter one are as follows

    (a) - 2 Votes
    (b) - 5 Votes
    (c) - 2 Votes
    (d) - 1 Vote

    B is the clear winner.

    By the way - voting lasts for one day only per entry, so be quick in future. (although I may not write the next entry immediately)