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Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Chapter 4

"What the fuck is going on"

These words leave your lips before you have time to think of the agression you charge them with, or the consequences they might have.

The face in front of you increases in size and emits a resonating low note, which makes you feel sick.

You are sick into the liquid in your pod.

The noise continues and you continue to be sick.

The noise is louder.

You are struggling to breathe as you retch and gag.

The noise stops suddenly.

"Are you sorry for being rude?"

You say:

(a) Yes
(b) No
(c) Fuck you


  1. c...fuck you.

    let's continue the theme...

    (unless the large face is my dad, then the answer would be yes)

  2. Jesus, i'm sorry, i'm sorry!


  3. I want to choose D) stare sullenly and stubbornly refuse to speak

    but since I can't, I choose C

  4. a

    i am always sorry for being rude
    sorry big face man
    i didn't mean it
    i thought you were someone else
    someone with a body

  5. "fuck you, man
    nobody makes me be sick into my liquid-filled pod while my leg's tethered by some kind of metal snake and gets away with it"

  6. this is such a coincidence. i just two minutes ago said 'you make me sick you big-faced drone' to my boyfriend, then i came on here and it's actually happened.

    yes, i am sorry i was rude. (a).

  7. a) Yes.

    Because much as I am angry at being made to vomit, I want to appease the man and stop being sick before expressing my anger. Otherwise this could go on indefinitely.

    Thank you.

  8. c.

    could it say 'man' at the end, too?

  9. b.

    I'm not sorry for being rude, but I don't want to antagonise the face any further, especially if it is xtx's dad.

  10. ok it's kind of a tie.

    but - the reasons for c seem more compelling - so that wins